Meet Us

Amy Allen

Amy is the concessionaire of Atterbury. This wasn’t a new venture for her as she managed the property for the last concessionaire. She was always a shooter first with the last 6 years being the Ladies Skeet Champ for Indiana and shooting in the US Open and other large skeet shoots. Her abilities with firearms and business background makes her great to help you find what you need.

John Allen

John is an excellent addition to this range as his knowledge on shooting shotguns, rifles, or pistols let’s him help the customers learn little tricks to help them understand their firearm more accuratly. He also excels in reloading with having most of the equipment sold here at the range he can help you with your reloader, or set you up in the press which will work best for the caliber of your liking. If you have a problem with your reloads come see him and he can certainly do his best to hep you figure it out.

Monica Brown

Monica is stationed up at the shotgun building most of the time helping customers know the difference between trap and skeet. She can direct you to where you need to be or help you learn the rules to keep you safe… She may even be outside helping with the line, or filling those big machines. She has been with Atterbury for 4 years and loves helping new shooters, and if she can’t help you she can direct you to where you need to be. Just give her a smile and she’ll treat you like family!