We carry a wide variety of powders in our reloading shop from your favorite brands: Hogdon, Winchester, and IMR (Alliant when available). We now have range brass, mostly sold in quantities of 500 or 1000, but we do have 5 gal. buckets. Call for pricing on caliber. We also are carrying a wide range of reloading bullets: Extreme, Sierra, and Hornady. Primers from CCI, Federal, and Winchester.  And YES, we can order you in a DILLON PRESS!

Please call for up to date pricing and availability!  Our reloading shops also carry, ammunition, paper targets, ear and eye protection, and rental guns — to be used with our ammo only — as well as guns for sale. We also do special orders.

For shotgun, Claybuster wads are always in stock in the shotgun reloading shop for most gauges: 12, 16, 20, 28, and 410.

The shotgun reloading shop also offers Eagle brand shot in 25 lb bags of #6, #7 1/2, #8, #8 1/2, and #9. Winchester, Federal, CCI, and Cheddite primers are also available, plus your powders from Hodgon, Winchester, and IMR (Alliant when available).